3 new YouTube videos added!

On December 21st I launched a new YouTube channel for the books, called “Egregore,” you can checkout the channel at the link here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUdLnqeKfSEJtmLJjlnW10g/featured

I’ve added 3 videos so far, and plan to add many more!

  1. “What is the Egregore?” (Channel Trailer and Book Preview):

2. “Dead gods” chapter 11 reading from “The Egregore:”

3) “Apollo defines the egregore” (From chapter 11 “The Elevator Pitch,” from “The Egregore”):

My goal with the YouTube videos:

I want to make fun and engaging videos that stimulate the imagination with a visual version of the story. I will read excerpts from the book… and ALSO I will feature interviews with real people in San Francisco about topics relevant to the book, and I will feature videos about some of the places in the book! Stay tuned for videos about the Mission District, botanica shops, fractals, the power of the mind, word magic, kaleidoscopes, the strange history of proto-science and magic, and so much more!

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The Egregore

Do symbols carry power?

Can an icon change the world?

How do minds connect and define which idols are sacred or profane, artistic or commercial?

FIND OUT in The Egregore and The Word, two new books by author Tony Gilbert.

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